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NMG Living: the right address for your new home

Welcome to NMG Living! We like to look together with you for your new home: a new house, a house for sale, a rental property, a single-family house or maybe an apartment? In a housing market that is constantly on the move, we know our way.

Click further and find out what NMG Wonen has to offer you. We are home from all housing markets, and are happy to help you. Not only when finding your new home, but also for example with a valuation or a non-binding valuation. Whether you want to rent or buy a property: our real estate agents are happy to be there for you!

Are you already renting a property through NMG Housing? Take a look at mijnnmgwoning.nl:our website especially for our tenants!


New sale: Weezenhof 8137 in Nijmegen Fly with us... about Avenu 1895 Soon to be managed at NMG: Pontkade Amsterdam

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€ 275000,- k/k

In a child-friendly residential area, a surprisingly spacious intermediate house with a neat kitchen...