Criteria allocation

To be eligible for one of our rental properties, you must meet a number of criteria.

Each client applies its own guidelines. The situation therefore differs per home. Often the basic guidelines are stated in the advertisement of the offered property.

In general, the guidelines are as follows:

The gross monthly income must be 3.5 / 4 times the basic rent of the house. Fixed allowances such as holiday pay and a thirteenth month may be included.

The income of a possible partner can often be counted for half (this varies per owner).

There must be at least one year contract.

We are not allowed to include agency work employment contracts with phase A in the income.

A bad payment history can be a reason for rejection.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to offer housing to persons under administration.

Guarantee by third parties is not permitted.

Are you an entrepreneur? Then you must be able to submit the last 2 annual figures. Based on this, it is checked whether your income is satisfactory. In addition, an extra deposit of 3 to 6 months is often required.

Do you have equity? In general, 10% may be added to the annual income (this varies per owner).

Are you retired? Then we look at the annual gross income on the basis of the pension and / or AOW annual statements. We assess these income data per individual case.

A credit check is part of the investigation into the payment history.

NMG Wonen reserves the right to reject candidates for a specific home without stating reasons.


In case of forgery (documents provided by prospective tenants to qualify for a rental property) we will report the matter to the police.

Is your personal situation changing?

We are aware that these guidelines do not allow us to help every home seeker. If your personal situation changes, we will always review this and see whether we can still be of service to you. So do you get a higher salary or a different contract? Then adjust this information in the personal customer file and do not hesitate to contact us again!