Do you have a question? We discuss the most frequently asked questions here.

General questions

As soon as we have found a suitable candidate, we put the house 'in option'. This means that the house is reserved for a candidate. If, after viewing the property, the candidate indicates not to want to rent, we will look at other registrations for this property. So it always makes sense to register! If the candidate wants to rent the house, the house will remain 'in option' until the lease has been signed.

This differs per home. Most houses must be rented for at least one year, with some houses this period is at least two years. Ask the rental agent what the minimum rental period is for the property you have in mind.

No unfortunately, urgency is not possible with us. All home seekers registered with us have the same chance of being eligible for the available homes.

It is always annoying to hear that you are not eligible for a home. There can be several reasons for a rejection. We would be happy to explain our working method to you, so that you may be able to better understand the rejection.

We work for clients who want to have certainty that a tenant pays the rent neatly and on time. To ensure this, they have drawn up guidelines on which we carefully assess (prospective) tenants. Our goal is to find a good match between the home and the candidate.

Each client applies its own guidelines. The situation therefore differs per home. Often the basic guidelines are stated in the advertisement of the offered property.
In general, the guidelines are as follows:

- The gross monthly income must be 3.5 / 4 times the basic rent of the house
- The income of a possible partner can be counted for half
- We are not allowed to include agency work employment contracts with phase A in the income
- There must be at least a one-year contract
- A bad payment history can be a reason for rejection
- We are unfortunately not allowed to offer housing to persons under administration
- Guarantee by third parties is not permitted
- Are you an entrepreneur? Then you must be able to submit the last 2 annual figures

We are aware that the above means that we cannot help every home seeker. If your personal situation changes, we will always review this and see whether we can still be of service to you. So do you get a higher salary or a different contract? Then adjust this information in your personal customer file and do not hesitate to contact us again!

That is annoying, because we keep a home in option for you for a longer period of time and other candidates will not be given the opportunity to respond to this home. We have also already done a lot of work for you.

If you cancel the rental after (verbal) agreement, we are therefore forced to charge our expenses in the amount of (maximum) one month's rent.

Change contract

You can apply for co-tenancy if you are not yet on the rental contract. As a co-tenant you have the same rights and obligations as the main tenant. We set the condition that you run a sustainable joint household. For example, a guest or subtenant cannot become a co-tenant.

-You are legally a co-tenant if you are married or have entered into a registered partnership with the tenant, as long as you live in the same house. Your husband / wife / registered partner must be registered with us.

Incase you married are or one registered partnership have entered into, we need the following information:

  • The name of the husband / wife / registered partner
  • Signature of the husband / wife / registered partner
  • Signature of the tenant
  • A copy of the marriage certificate / registration certificate


-Do you live together? Then you can apply for co-tenancy.

We apply the following rules for this:

  • You have been registered together at the address with the municipality for at least 2 years
  • You are both able to (only) bear the financial obligations

We need the following information from you:

  • Your partner's name
  • The commencement date of the co-tenant
  • The tenant's signature
  • The signature of the partner

After receiving the complete application, you will receive a message from us stating whether the application has been approved or rejected.

There are costs associated with this administrative change. We are forced to charge € 90.75 for the change.

First of all, we offer our condolences on your loss.

Legally you are automatically the only tenant if you are married, have a registered partnership or if you are listed as a (co-) tenant on the lease. You can let us know by e-mail or in a letter that your partner has passed away. Do not forget to sign this letter and add the death certificate.

Pay attention! If you are listed on the death certificate as a married partner, but you are not known to us as a tenant, please include a recent extract from the Basic Registration Persons (BRP) of yourself.

You are not automatically the only tenant if you are not known to us as a tenant and also not as a partner on the death certificate. In this case, applying for tenancy is necessary.

If your application for tenancy is not approved, the rental contract will be terminated and we will agree on the end date of the rental contract.

The request to change the contract will have to come from both tenants.


If you are going to divorce and one of the two continues to live in the house, you must inform us about this. We will request the details of the person who continues to rent the house in order to determine again whether he can bear the rental costs alone. For this we need:

  • Last 3 payslips
  • Employer's statement
  • A recent extract of the Basic Registration Persons (BRP) deregistration of the co-tenant who is leaving
  • A copy of the divorce agreement and the registration of the divorce at the registry office

After receiving these documents, we will process the application and inform you about it.

End of cohabitation

If you decide to separate and one of you continues to live in the house, you must inform us about this.

We will request the details of the person who continues to rent the house in order to determine again whether he can bear the rental costs alone. For this we need:

  • Last 3 payslips
  • Employer's statement
  • A recent extract of the Basic Registration Persons (BRP) deregistration of the co-tenant who is leaving

Changing the contract entails administrative costs. We are forced to charge € 90.75.


Is something broken in your home or in the building where you live? You can report your repair request to us via our maintenance department. This can be done via our website www.mijnnmgwoning.nl, via e-mail td@nmg.nl or via telephone number 088-200 70 50.

Check our first Maintenance guide to see if we take care of the repair or if you have to do it yourself. This maintenance guide has attempted to provide more clarity on how to act if you discover a defect in or to your home.

Terminate rent

If you want to cancel the rent of the current rental property, you can do so from the 1st of the month. The notice period is 1 calendar month. Please note that the minimum rental period must have expired. The exact length of this minimum rental period is stated in the rental agreement. This period is usually one year.

Example: did your contract start on April 1? Then your cancellation must be signed before 1 March. Your last rental day is March 31.

You can cancel your rent via our website mijnnmgwoning.nl

In principle, takeover is not possible. The house must be delivered in accordance with the agreements made during the pre-inspection.


There is one exception to this. If a new successive rent is already known at the time of the pre-inspection, you can discuss possible acquisitions with this successive tenant. The condition is that the technical supervisor must approve the acquisitions. If no agreement can be reached with the successive tenant regarding the takeover of goods, all your belonging goods must be removed from the home before the end of the rental period.

If there are any questions regarding acquisitions, you can always discuss this with our technical supervisor during the pre-inspection.

If the rent has been canceled and you know someone who is interested in the house you are going to leave, you can let us know. Please include the candidate's name, address, telephone number and email address. It is important that the candidate is registered with us and meets the rental conditions. Our rental department will assess whether the candidate is eligible for the property. We also take into account already registered house hunters.

Rent increase

The rent is increased annually, usually on July 1 of each year. The amount of the rent increase depends on a number of issues, including the agreements in the lease and general rental legislation.

Since 2013, lessors of the so-called regulated lease agreements are allowed to apply the income-related rent increase. There is a regulated lease if at the start of the lease period the rent was below the liberalization limit applicable at that time.

The maximum rent increase for independent houses depends on the household income of the tenant.
Households with an income of € 0 to € 43,574: 5.1%
Households with an income above € 43,574: 6.6%

Household income includes all incomes (aggregate income) of the tenant and the other residents of the living space. All residents who are registered at the address on the effective date of the proposed rent increase are included. With the rent increase of 2020, the household income is based on the aggregate income of 2018. This income has been definitively determined by the tax authorities. For the rent increase, this therefore concerns the total aggregate income for 2018 of all residents registered at the address at the time of application. It is therefore irrelevant whether the current residents already lived at the address in 2018.
Income up to the level of the statutory minimum wage does not count for children living at home who were under 23 on 1 January.

More information about the income-related rent increase can be found on the website of the National Government or the Rental Committee.

The tax authorities provide the landlord with an overview of the number of income recipients within your household and the corresponding income category. The income is thus determined by the tax authorities and it only passes on the category in which the household income falls.

All incomes count, including those of residents and room tenants. The income of residents who were under 23 years of age on 1 January 2020 only counts insofar as it exceeds the minimum wage. This income is automatically corrected by the tax authorities. The income statement therefore only includes that part of the income that is above the minimum wage.

Since the tax authorities assume definitively determined incomes, they assume the income for 2018. At the time of requesting this data (in March / April 2020), the incomes for 2019 have not yet been definitively determined.

This is possible if you are disabled or chronically ill. But also if the household income was lower than € 43,574 in 2019. Because the tax authorities provide information about the category of income in 2018, you must then lodge an objection in accordance with the objection procedure.

Certain groups of handicapped and chronically ill people can object to the additional income-related rent increase of 6,6%. This extra rent increase will take effect on 1 July 2020. You can object if you or someone in your household:


- Has a care indication with a period of validity of at least one year for at least 10 hours of care per week

-Have a care indication for a stay in a nursing home or care home;

-Has an ADL indication (help with general daily activities, such as eating, washing or going to the toilet);

- Has a decision based on the Social Support Act (Wmo) or the Facilities for the Disabled Act (the predecessor of the Wmo). This decision must be issued before 1 May 2020. You must also be able to demonstrate that the home is adapted to the disability of the person with the disposal.

By objecting, you may be able to limit the rent increase to a maximum of 5.1%.

Yes. If you currently receive housing benefit, it will remain so in the new situation. With your right to housing allowance, the actual rent increase is largely compensated. You can read when you will receive housing benefit on the website of the Tax Authorities.

If your income is between € 0 and € 43,574 then you fall into the lowest income category and you have received a maximum rent increase of 5.1%. You can handle this no object on the basis of your income, since you are already placed in the lowest category.

Objections can be lodged against the income-related rent increase, provided it concerns more than 5.1%. You can find out whether your reason for objection is well-founded on the notice of objection. Your objection can be sent to huurverhverhoeg@nmg.nl.

For more information you can consult the website of the rent assessment committee.

An IBRI statement is a statement from the tax authorities that they can provide you. This statement states your income for the year requested. You can request this statement from the tax authorities.

No, we will collect the new amount from the rent increase date. So you don't have to do anything yourself.

Yes, you have to arrange this yourself with your bank.

This can be for various reasons. One reason may be that the rent has been adjusted after a move.
It is also possible that you or your neighbor has had improvements made that were offset by a rent increase.
In addition, the difference may have arisen because your neighbor lives there for longer or shorter than you and has started renting against different rental conditions.
The income-related rent increase may also work out differently for you than for your neighbor.

Since the market is subject to changes, it may be that the homes for rent are offered at a higher or lower rental price than your home.

This may depend on the market and the supply and demand in your region.

It is also possible that the vacant houses are offered with a different finish level or that it concerns a different type of house.

If there is a liberalized rental agreement, the income-related rent increase will not be applied in this case. In that case, the rent will be increased up to the maximum percentage specified in the rental agreement. You can consult the rental agreement for the amount of this percentage.

If you do not agree with the rent increase and you have a liberalized rental agreement, you can object in writing. Telephone objections will not be processed.

However, if the landlord does not honor your objection, you can only submit this objection to the court.

In these cases it is not possible to request the Rental Committee for a ruling.


If you want to object, you can send a letter or e-mail to:


NMG Vastgoed BV

Objection to rent increase

Box 188

6500 AD Nijmegen


Rent increase@nmg.nl