In order to qualify for a rental home, we must carry out an assessment. For this we need a number of documents from you. Below you will find a list of the documents.

Do you want to know which criteria you must meet in order to rent a house through us? Click here for this information.

Test pieces

The following applies to every candidate:

registration completed online

copy of valid passport or ID (no driver's license)

copy of bank card

landlord statement if you rent a house

mortgage holder's statement from the bank, if you are in possession of a home for sale

copy of the latest annual statement on the amount of the mortgage

copy (draft) deed of sale if you have sold your home

extract from municipal personal records database if the broker specifically requests this

in the event of a breakup: provisionally drawn up provisions or divorce agreement

indien van toepassing: een verblijfsdocument

Salaried employment

If you are employed, we also need the following documents from you:

the three most recent payslips

bank statements of the last three salary deposits

recent employer's statement (not older than three months)

for a new job: employment contract

annual statement (most recent)

UWV verklaring waarin het arbeidsverleden en loongegevens staan (indien de makelaar hier specifiek om vraagt)


If you are retired, we would also like to receive the following documents:

annual statement of AOW and / or pension

copy of bank statement with the last 2 credits of AOW and / or pension


If you are self-employed, we also need the following documents from you:

extract from the Chamber of Commerce

annual accounts, profit and loss account and balance sheet (the two most recent)

a certified auditor's report

income tax assessment of the past year

We carefully check the above documents and also perform a credit check on the payment history. In addition, the broker may ask you to upload additional data in order to be able to perform a proper assessment.